Experience Dunham


One of the best ways for a prospective middle or upper school student to really understand how Dunham differs from their current school is to spend a day with us.  

We encourage all students interested in Dunham to schedule a day during the schoolweek to “shadow” a fellow Dunham student.  Middle school students will be paired with a class officer, and upper school students will be partnered with a student who has similar interests.  Students that are shadowing will follow a regular class day schedule and will be our guest for lunch in our Dining Hall.  Wednesday is a preferred day for shadowing as Chapel is held on Wednesdays.

The visiting student is instructed to check in with the Admissions Office and is escorted to the appropriate school office to meet the student representative assigned as “host” for the day.  At the close of the school day, the host will escort the student to the Admissions Office to answer any questions and reunite with the parent.


Simple Beginnings
Scott Bardwell '91
Dunham Parent

Why Dunham
Mary Ellen Courville
Master Teacher, Dunham Parent