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The Upper School is surrounded with unique challenges of teaching and learning. With transformational technology in the hands of our students and teachers, the boundaries of traditional textbook instruction have been eradicated and the nature of education is changing.  In the 21st Century, students must be savvy researchers and discerners of truth, not merely consumers and repeaters of information.  The Information Age has ushered in the Digital Age of education, requiring the development of skills necessary to distinguish bias, synthesize thought and communicate meaning using digital tools.  In addition, collaborative and creative new approaches are changing classroom dynamics.

Ask our students what they value the most about their experience at The Dunham School and overwhelmingly, the prevailing response is "the relationship that I have with my teachers." Our prayer for every Dunham student is that they have opportunities to grow and discover their unique God-given gifts and to glorify Him in all that they do.  Our faculty celebrates the differences in these young men and women who know the truth, and who are well-prepared to enter the world as salt and light.  I am convinced that, as God is faithful to reveal each student's unique purpose, that the school has a collective, God-given mission to be a beacon on a hill, a light to the city of Baton Rouge and an example of authentic Christ-like love, dedication and obedience.

Steve Eagleton
Headmaster, Head of Upper School




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