McKay Academic Center

Admissions Process


Parents may begin the Admissions process by either of two paths:

(1) Call the Barbara Germany, director of the McKay Academic Center, at 225-767-7097 ext. 380 to learn more about the specific nature of the services offered, to share particular information about your child, and to take the opportunity to ask questions.

(2) Begin with a visit to the Admissions Office for a tour and general orientation to The Dunham School.

Both paths lead to the same end and both are a natural part of our work with families. All students enrolled in the MAC are Dunham students, and all students at Dunham are eligible for services in the Center.

To begin the Admissions process, parents should be prepared to provide:

(1) Basic information about the child and his/her school history

(2) Documentation and other information regarding special learning needs

In addition, students applying for admission to Compensation program are required to provide a current evaluation (within three years).

Students will be asked to come to campus for interviews and testing. During these visits, parents will have the opportunity to learn about The Dunham School and the MAC.  All of these experiences ensure a good match between the family and the school. 

To request an Admissions packet, please contact Mrs. Sheryn Hahn, 225-767-7097 ext. 324. She can also arrange a tour, set a testing appointment, or provide general information.