1 to 1 Program


In 2009, The Dunham School implemented a 1 to 1 laptop program. All students (1st grade - 12 grade) and teachers have a laptop for instruction and learning. Students in preK-1st grade have access to laptops and iPads on a cart as needed. Lower School teachers have a class website or blog where weekly newsletters, photos, and other happenings are shared. Middle and Upper School teachers use Google Classroom for announcements and assignments.

Computers travel home with students in Middle and Upper School.  To protect the content viewed by students while off-campus, a mobile filtering system is installed on each computer. 
All teachers have a laptop, projector, and interactive board for planning and teaching. Classrooms at Dunham have no walls. The MacBooks allow for students to instantly view a webcam from The San Diego zoo, Skype with students in Japan, be part of the My Math Lab community, complete a virtual science lab, and much more! Knowledge is at their fingertips! 
The goal is for classroom delivery to meet the needs of 21st Century learners. Students explore their creative side by producing movies and podcasts. With this technology readily available, Dunham students are learning lifelong skills that are applied in and outside the classroom.


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