College Placement

Senior Navigation Guide


Apply to colleges. Make decisions.
Graduate with direction for your future.

Your senior year is going to be great!  There’s a lot to do this year, but you are a senior and you can get it done. I am here as your personal college GPS, but you must meet with me so we can stay on the right course.  Here are some things to put on your To Do list:

  • Meet with your counselor to review your application list, your academic record and personal record.
  • Stay on top of your coursework.
  • Make sure you have all forms required for admissions and financial aid.
  • Register for fall SAT/ACT tests if you need to (don’t forget about SAT II Subject Tests).
  • Know your deadlines and stay on top of them.
  • Update your portfolio or resume with new information.
  • Make copies of everything.
  • Keep your counselor informed on any information you receive from colleges regarding your status.
  • Make your final decision.
  • Finish your Senior year strong.



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