The athletic program is an integral part of the overall educational process at Dunham.  Through sports, students are taught the value of hard work, discipline, team building, sportsmanship, and other values that help develop a child’s character. At Dunham, we will provide an opportunity for as many students as possible to take part in as many quality sports activities as they desire under the leadership of qualified coaches.  Part of this task includes providing an environment in which students achieve not only athletic success but also lays the groundwork for success in life.  An attempt shall be made continually to encourage as many students as possible to share in the benefits of athletic participation.  While broad participation is to be encouraged, it is a privilege to compete as a team member for the school.

The student should be the center around which all activities are organized, keeping each student’s welfare at the focal point of the program.  While striving for victory is the nature of athletic competition, it is only one criterion for determining a season’s success.  Guiding a team to reach its maximum potential and an athlete to reach his/her maximum potential are the ultimate goals.  Along with this comes an emphasis on good sportsmanship, which includes being modest in victory and accepting in defeat.  Although The Dunham School takes pride in winning, it rejects any and all pressures and practices to condone winning at all costs.

The athletic program as designed and administered should contribute substantially to the total educational program offered to the students by the school.  Participation in athletics will be regarded in its proper perspective as one of several worthwhile types of educational experiences.