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The Dunham School Fine Arts Department provides opportunities to nurture and develop the creative and innovative expressions of students within a Christian environment.  Our programs are designed to enhance the development of higher order thinking skills, create problem-solving opportunities, spark the imagination and encourage individual responsibility.  The Fine Arts Department is dedicated to the premise that students are more productive and their academic performance is strengthened if the arts are included in their lives.

The Dunham School Fine Arts Department has a comprehensive curriculum that utilizes 3 processes: (1) we create, (2) perform and interpret, and (3) respond to the arts in reference to their experiences in our Fine Arts Program

We employ meaningful classroom assessments by:

  • Using clearly defined, skills-based rubrics
  • Requiring participation and investment in each lesson
  • Continually monitoring the student’s creative processes to enable them to make their own assessment of each project
  • Holding students responsible to their decisions in order to defend their work and performance.
  • Teaching students that evaluation is more than a finished product, as the process is often more valuable than the end product.

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