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The Dance Program of The Dunham School

Background and History

The Dance Program at The Dunham School is one that follows the life work and vision of Phoebe Brantley, a master teacher whose progeny includes dancers and directors in such places as Cornell University, New York City Opera Company, Austin Ballet, and Ballet West, among others. Beyond excellent training, Ms. Brantley instilled a drive for excellence, discipline, and determination, which qualities have benefited students whether or not they chose dance as a career path.  The Phoebe Brantley Foundation has been very generous to The Dunham School in student scholarship as well as funding for the construction of a theater and dance studio as part of the Chapel Fine Arts Building.


The Dance Program of The Dunham School provides students with a full dance experience through quality training, performance experience, and professional guidance, all in a manner consistent with the mission of The Dunham School, yielding students with a better understanding, a larger appreciation, and a growing enthusiasm for the art of dance in all its forms.

The Program

Phoebe Brantley followed George Balanchine’s belief, “First there must be a school.”  Consistent with that philosophy, Dunham offers dance courses in its curriculum.  These courses are offered as Fine Arts credit.  Ballet is a prerequisite for all other dance courses.

For those students who are not able to enroll in daily classes as part of curriculum, an after school dance program is offered.  Classes for Pre-K and Kindergarten as well as other lower school levels are offered in this afterschool program.

Finally, The Dunham School enhances the dance student’s experience by hosting master classes by visiting professional artists every semester and by attending local professional performances in the community.