Fine Arts

Brown-Holt Chapel Arts Center


As a Christian school that was originally named The Chapel School, it is only fitting that a place dedicated to worship should occupy a prominent position on our campus. From the beginning, our founders envisioned a chapel at the center of the campus where our students, faculty, and community could gather for prayer and worship. It is essential to the continued spiritual growth of the school and our students. Both worship and the arts are disciplines intrinsic to the Dunham educational process.

The Brown-Holt Chapel Arts Center serves three primary purposes. It provides a home for worship on our campus; it is a cutting-edge arts facility where creative expression through the arts continues to flourish; and it is central to our community outreach efforts as we partner with the community and other organizations in using the facility for art enrichment, lecture series, church services, and other community opportunities.

The Center is comprised of a 650-seat chapel/theatre and stage that serve the primary functions of the center for chapel and fine arts performances. Other components of the Chapel Building are a prayer room; an art gallery and lobby; a band room with an instrumental storage room and practice rooms; a dance studio; a choral music room that also serves as a Black Box Studio; a drama room; a costume room; a set design room; two art rooms for 2D and 3D art; a digital photography suite; a kiln room; arts faculty offices; a concessions/kitchen room; and restrooms.

If you would like additional information concerning use of The Chapel Arts Center, please contact Ann Gorman.