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The Prefect Program


The Dunham Prefect Program:  Leading By Example

Prefects are senior leaders who have demonstrated a sincere commitment to the values and ideals of The Dunham School and possess skills related to their particular positions. In reality, the Prefects represent the mission of the school to the entire student body as living examples of Dunham’s Honor Code. 

Eight students serve as Prefects during their senior year. Students are selected on the basis of their academic record, demonstrated leadership and service (both in and out of school) and personal character, integrity and spirituality. Students apply for the program in the spring of their junior year. Applicants submit an essay and undergo a rigorous interview process with current prefects, faculty and administrators.

A former Headmaster, Jim Adare, introduced the Prefect Program to The Dunham School in 1999. The program is based on a similar program at the Stony Brook School in New York.  The emphasis of each Prefect’s job is service, not privilege. They are capable of overseeing work in their particular areas and managing the underclassmen involved. While faculty mentors advise prefects, each one typically takes the full responsibility for his or her committee’s service to the Dunham community. Each Prefect has a committee that works with him or her in a specific area. The prefect also serves as a mentor for the other seniors and underclassmen who have been recruited to serve on the committee.  


2016-2017 Prefects

Summer Whittington - Head Prefect  
Parker Rabel - Chapel Prefect
Olivia Hill - Service Prefect
CoCo Rodriguez - Academic Prefect
Kristin Day - Student Life Prefect
Bennie Blake - Community Prefect
Claire Landreneau- School Pride Prefect
Anna Weeks - Publicity Prefect