Middle School

MS Head's Welcome


Welcome to middle school at Dunham!  The middle school years are a time of transition filled with energy and excitement where students are in developmental stages that take them beyond childhood and move them toward early adulthood.  At Dunham, we embrace the fact that middle school students are undergoing drastic physical, social, emotional, and cognitive changes by providing a child-centered program that is staffed with caring, Christian teachers who are developmentally responsive to middle grade students.

The middle school is divided into two distinct groups: lower middle, grades five and six, and upper middle, grades seven and eight.  We follow two markedly different approaches to everything from course scheduling to recess, as we feel that this model not only meets the needs of our unique student population, but also allows for the highest level of academic success.

While focusing on educating the whole child with wisdom and eloquence, we strive to balance academics, athletics, and the arts.  Our college-preparatory academic curriculum provides opportunities for all students within a diverse learning community.   Academic decisions are made with the portrait of a Dunham graduate in mind, and the middle school focuses on preparing our students for the rigor and expectations of upper school.  A well-defined physical education program coupled with after school sports opportunities provides an avenue for students’ health and physical development.  At The Dunham School, our athletic goal is to compete with a level of character, intensity, enthusiasm, and sportsmanship that is consistent with the Christian faith.  The offering of fine arts courses including Art, Band, Choir, Dance, and Theatre provides a creative outlet for all middle school students to develop their God-given talents on a daily basis.  Performance opportunities, on campus as well as throughout the community, enhance each of these courses.  

We feel that it is our privilege and responsibility to provide a well-rounded program that will ensure an opportunity for success for all students.  To that end, activities that include weekly chapel and advisory meetings, class retreats and class development days, daily Bible study, and various service opportunities contribute to a character development program that is a hallmark of the middle school at Dunham.  Using faculty as role models we are able to provide an environment that nurtures our students intellectually, spiritually, socially, and emotionally.

Mary Theriot
Middle School Head