Middle School Sports

Cross Country


The Dunham cross-country team is an organization that promotes perseverance and endurance.  The team trains on the Dunham campus and in the surrounding neighborhood.  Meets are typically held on Saturday mornings during the fall, many at Highland Road Park.  The cross-country program inspires running beyond the cross-country season, as members have gone on to compete in local 5k’s and half marathons, and represent Dunham in track during the spring.  The Dunham cross-country team encourages anyone to join, no matter the skill level, as every great runner was once a beginner.  


Ed Van Haute
Daniel Moore


2014-2015 Schedule

9/05/15 St. Michael Bayou Boogie Highland Rd Park
9/12/15 Round Table Run Highland Rd Park
9/26/15 Battlefield Cross Country Festival Port Hudson St. Historic Site
10/03/15 St. Joseph's Academy CC Invitational Highland Rd Park
10/10/15 Catholic High School CC Invitational Highland Rd Park
10/15/15 Walker Shootout (Middle School) Sydney Hutchinson Park (Walker)

2015-2016 Roster