Visual Arts

Upper School Art


The Upper School Art program has various levels: Art 1, Art 2, Art 3, Art 4 and Advanced Placement Art.  Each level touches on the Art Elements (line, shape, space, color, texture and value) and Art Principles (balance, rhythm, movement, proportion, variety, emphasis, and unity).

Through a variety of projects using different mediums students create and design original artwork, learn about artists and art history, learn to critique artwork, and appreciate and understand different art styles. A sampling of projects created by Art 1 students are: a creative color wheel, drawings from life of objects using line and value, a textural collage, an air dry clay sculpture of food, a 3-D wire sculpture of a figure in motion, and a self-portrait drawing from a photograph.

Art 2 students work with projects that involve 1 and 2 point perspective drawing and painting, figure drawing, printmaking, and painting of a still-life in the style of a famous art movement.

Art 3 and Art 4 give students an opportunity to do more of an in depth study of some of the concepts touched on in Art 2.  AP Art allows students who are seriously interested in art to create a portfolio that could allow them to possibly test out of college classes.  Students will be allowed in this class with the approval of the teacher.