Middle School Band


The middle school band curriculum builds upon skills acquired as each course is taken. Students at the 6th grade (Beginning) level are introduced to the basics of Music Theory as it relates to the instruments they will play. They work from the Essential Elements Method book learning the fundamentals of proper posture, tone production, and reading.

As students move to the 7th grade (Intermediate) level, they pick up where they left off with the Essential Elements Method book, learning more notes and rhythms, as well as improving their reading skills. The class is also introduced to band arrangements and begin learning skills for playing as an ensemble/group. Finally, students move up to the 8th grade (Advanced Band) level were they begin playing from different and more advanced method books. Learning more scales and patterns, more complex rhythms, various time and key signatures, they are able to reach a level of proficiency that will allow them to play more demanding arrangements. The 8th grade group is integrated into the US ensembles and play with them at Football games and Pep Rallies, as well as Concerts and Festivals. They are then well prepared to continue their music education progress through their Upper School years.