Upper School Band


2012:  The Loyola Jazz Festival is one of the longest running juried festivals in the state. Jazz Ensembles big and small from across the state and region come to the campus of Loyola University in New Orleans to get critiqued and judged on their performance. Each group must perform 4 selections. The Dunham Jazz Band has been participating in this festival for the past 3 years, and is proud to say that for the first time we have scored Superior by all judges!  

Upper Sschool Concert Band
The US Concert Band class is one of the top Band Classes where students put to work the instrumental skills and music theory they have learned from their previous band classes. Students in US Concert Band also perform with the Dunham Pep Band for Pep Rallies and Home Football Games. The Concert Band also performs at the Dunham Winter and Spring Band Concerts as well as various festivals. Throughout the school year students learn advanced music theory and advanced instrumental technique.

Honors Jazz Band
Honors Jazz Band is an audition only class where students are hand picked to participate in. It is another one of the top Band Classes. A high level of proficiency is required to make it into the Honors Jazz Band class. Throughout the year students learn and perform a variety of jazz repertoire from swing to Latin, and from rock to standard ballads. In addition to this students learn the basic elements involved in jazz improvisation and jazz theory. The students perform throughout the year in a number of venues and events in and outside of school.

Dunham Tiger Pep-Band & Concert Band
Pep-Band and Concert Band is open to all students in grades 8-12. The Pep-Band performs in the stands during each home football game and some away games. The Pep-Band and Concert Band also performs at school Pep Rallies, local parades, community events, and Festival competitions. There are after school rehearsals and sectionals that are scheduled by the director that will be given to you in a timely manner.

Band Leadership
Band Officers are chosen based on musical comprehension, skill level, and leadership abilities. All student officers will carry out the policies of the Band, Band Director, School, and School Administration to the best of their abilities. Anytime you question or disagree with specific instructions from a student leader, please avoid confrontation and discuss the problem with the director immediately. Student officers cannot give you permission to miss a rehearsal or performance, be tardy, or leave early. Student officers should be positive and work for the best interest of the Dunham Band Program at all times. For a Student Officer to keep his/her position he/she must attend rehearsals performances regularly, and maintain the highest level of musicianship and skill on their instrument.

Officer Positions for Pep/Concert Band and Jazz Band Classes are Band Captain, Assistant Band Captain, Band Librarian(s), Equipment Manager/Sound Engineer.

Class Leaders are also chosen by the director for Middle School Band Classes.


Pep Band 2012-2013


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