Upper School

US Head's Welcome



There are facets to a Dunham School education that distinguish it from other schools, but the one that students report to us most is the relationship that our students report with the faculty. Our mission statement says it well, “The Dunham School seeks to provide students with the opportunity for college-preparatory education set in the framework of Christian instruction and example. Each of these opportunities is ultimately grounded in a desire to educate the heart.” That “heart education” means that not only will we challenge students to postulate, hypothesize, calculate, infer, represent and insightfully evaluate, but we will model Christian values and ask them to live them out daily. The support to do that comes from an exceptional faculty who serve as great teachers in their discipline and as role models and mentors to teenagers.

The Upper School serves as the training ground for each student to maximize their potential for college placement and to prepare them for the world. It is also where students build their rhetorical skill around the Harkness table, where research and thorough preparation bring an opportunity to present your thoughts. Rather than total reliance on the traditional lecture method, upper school students grow in confidence as they are allowed to ask questions of each other and “find their own voice” around the table. As students substantiate opinions and seek to internalize and comprehend, they gain the confidence necessary to engage and challenge each other which results in deeper and more critical thought. All classes are taught from a Christian worldview and are designed to challenge students to understand and develop their faith. We encourage students to serve others and the world around them throughout their high school experience and include service hours as a part of graduation requirements. Finally, our students are asked to implement the use of technology in their learning throughout their high school years. As they have used a Macbook computer seamlessly in their daily learning, they graduate as proficient in a variety of technological skills, prepared to face the fast paced changes that new technology will bring. Ultimately the goal is to educate the heart and mind for Christ and for our students to impact their world as the Christian leaders of tomorrow.


Steve Eagleton
Upper School Head