McKay Academic Center

Advisory Board



MAC Advisory Board Purpose Statement
Our purpose is to integrate all of the students of The Dunham School to maximize our students’ academic, social, and spiritual experiences in keeping with the mission of The Dunham School.

Our Board Members each serve in a specific focus area to help the McKay Academic Center meet the needs of our Dunham students. In addition, the parent members are eager to act as a resource to our Dunham family. They offer areas of “parent connections” in which they are happy to provide some direction to other parents related to academic or social assistance at The Dunham School.  All of our parent board members have used various school-based resources as well as therapy services. Please email them if you have a question or concern that they can address. If they don’t know the answer you need, they will help you find it

MAC Advisory Board Members

Dunham Parents

Tess Rodriguez, Chair
Focus Area: Social Skills and Friends of the MAC
Parent Connections: Multiple Learning Disabilities, including Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, ADD, ADHD, Auditory Processing)

Erin Thibault
Focus Area: Fundraising/Financial Support
Parent Connections: High-functioning Autism

DeLisa Quinn
Focus Area: Technology for LD's
Parent Connections: Autism, Visual Learning, ADHD

Todd Guerin 
Focus Area: Transitions/Life Beyond Dunham
Parent Connections: Autism

Amy Dutruch
Focus Area: Community Connections/Community Events
Parent Connections: Development Delays, Speech/Language Disorders, Multiple Learning Disorders

Kim Perret
Focus Area: Transitions/Life Beyond Dunham
Parent Connections: Autism, especially as it relates to the older child/teenager.

Dunham Employees
Barbara Germany, Director of McKay Academic Center
Nikki Slaton, Resource Coordinator, McKay Academic Center
Deedra LaPlace, Head of Lower School
Mary Theriot, Head of Middle School
Amanda McIlwain, Assistant Head of Upper School 





The Advisory Board meets
once a quarter to report on progress for each focus area.

The resources below are recommended by parents of students within The McKay Academic Center. 
These are resources have been tested with individual learning differences and are only recommended. 

If you would like to add to our list of resources, please click here.