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Upper School On-Campus Summer School

At times, students find that they need to repeat courses or parts of courses for a variety of reasons. This is traditionally completed through our traditional summer school program.  All summer school courses are semester-long courses. Each course runs for a 6-week period. Students are required to attend a minimum 3-hour session/course each day and work on course work under the direct supervision of a certified teacher. All summer school course work is done through Dunham’s online summer school program.

When a student repeats a course, the new (improved) grade replaces the first attempt in the overall GPA. This is possible because at Dunham, all summer school courses are a complete repeat of the coursework contained in a traditional semester-long course. Initial courses are never removed from a transcript in a summer school situation, but the best grade is the one used to determine GPA. 

Students may enroll in up to two (2) different summer school courses through the summer school program. Due to accreditation constraints, no class can be completed in under 6 weeks. Full year courses can only be completed in the summer by simultaneous enrollments.


$800 1-semester courses

For summer school to be accredited and NCAA compliant, a semester course must be completed in NO LESS THAN 6 weeksTo complete a full year course, simultaneous enrollments are required.

Students may enroll in no more than two (2) different summer school courses in the traditional summer school program.



Sandra Holmes
Director of Summer School