Teacher Testimonials


"Today's kindergarten students are digital natives.  Technology has and always will be a part of their lives.  They gravitate toward any activity in my classroom that involves iPads, computers, or the use of our interactive board.  I have found that activities involving technology hold the students' attention longer than activities without technology.  In our classroom, technology doesn't just supplement our learning.  Students are learning through activities involving technology, and applying what they've learning using it as well."
Sara Synder, Kindergarten


“Technology has open a whole new world for me as a writing teacher.  My students are excited about writing because they can compose at the keyboard and edit as they type.  No one is moaning and asking me how many sentences do I have to write. They only moan when I say time is up and they have to stop writing. They amazingly creative stories they are producing are above and beyond my expectations.”  
Alica Benton, 1st Grade


"Second grade is an exciting year because students get their very own laptop computers.  We love using them to research projects, make Power points, explore science concepts, create iMovies, and write creative stories.  Through the use of our computers, we have the opportunity to explore our wonderful world right at our fingertips!"  
Lori Latuso, 2nd Grade