Upper School

Dual Enrollment


What is Dual Enrollment?

Students enrolled in PreCalculus Honors have the opportunity to earn up to 6 hours of college credit.  Those students with a 19 on the Math portion of the ACT or PLAN test and an 18 composite and have completed Algebra 2 are eligible for dual credit.

The Dunham School has partnered with Louisiana State University to offer Dual Enrollment in LSU Math 1021 (College Algebra) and Math 1022 (College Trigonometry).  I have undergone extensive training in the LSU College Readiness Program and have been certified to conduct this innovative curriculum.  LSU is part of the very successful Roadmap to Redesign Program by the National Center for Academic Transformation.  The state of Louisiana recognizes this course as “Advanced Math / PreCalculus – Dual Enrollment”, and it counts towards the core curriculum for TOPS.
In the PreCalculus honors class, students will be in lecture approximately 40% of the time and in “lab” the remaining 60%.  In lab, the students will be using special software called MyMathLab (similar to mathxl), which is specific to our new eBook.  Homework, quizzes, and tests are all completed using the web-based system.  The system has help features that allow students to see examples, go through a tutorial, or watch videos and animations.  Repeated opportunities and individualized feedback promote learning each concept to mastery level.  During lab time, I will be available for individualized attention.  The system can be used in and outside of class; it can be accessed from any computer with an Internet connection.

Dual enrollment is an option for eligible students.  Successful completion of each semester course – 70% or higher based on LSU’s assessment guidelines – will earn a letter grade of A,B,C accordingly and credit for Math 1021 in the fall and Math 1022 in the spring. Students will generate a transcript transferrable to any university that has the same math course descriptions as LSU.  This includes all public universities in Louisiana and many others.


Since 2012, Dunham students have earned 447 college hours in these two courses.

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