Meet Our Staff

Jessi Farestvedt


Jessi Farestvedt is a graduate of the College of Music and Dramatic Arts at Louisiana State University with a degree is in Music Education. She plays the violin, the cello, the piano, and a little guitar. Jessi is currently learning how to play the banjo. She is always learning new ways to teach music and she enjoys learning how to play different instruments. She plays with her church worship band and plays some gigs in the community when she has time.

Jessi loves to travel and to learn about different cultures. She believes culture and music go hand in hand and what better place to make world-minded citizens than in the music classroom? Jessi has been blessed to visit London, England, Paris, France, many places in Norway, all over Italy, to some countries around the Mediterranean Sea, Jamaica, Mexico, Cayman Islands, and Panama. She has also traveled around the United States and her favorite music styles are Zydeco and Bluegrass. Jessi believes that folk music is the heart of culture and helps define how people express themselves as individuals within the group. Music is a universal language that is understood all across the world.

You can follow Jessi Farestvedt at her website