Dunham Popular Stop for College Rep Visits

09/14/2011 12:00 AM

 Over the next several weeks, college and university representatives will be hitting the road to visit high school campuses across the country, and Dunham is once again proving to be a very popular stop. “There is no question more schools are recognizing Dunham as a viable stop,” said Richard Beaugh, Dunham’s Director of College Placement. “ Last year, we had 30 schools visit our campus and this year is shaping up to be just as busy.” 


During a typical visit, students have the opportunity to meet with the representative, view literature, fill-out an information card, and ask questions. “Not only does the visit give the representative a chance to meet our kids, it’s a great tool for our students to gauge whether or not the school could be a good fit for them,” added Beaugh.

The visits are scheduled during the day, and all upper school students are encouraged to attend. “I want all upper school students, even ninth graders, to attend these meetings. It’s a great way to get a jump on the college search process,” said Beaugh. “Who knows, a student might discover a school that he or she hasn’t even considered, but has all the things they’re looking for.” 

For the most up-to-date visit schedule, visit The College Calendar.

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