Be A Pineapple

05/06/2016 8:00 AM

The Dunham School hosted a Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon on Friday, April 29, at Juban’s Creole Restaurant.  From members of the Board of Trustees and the Annual Giving Campaign to Room Moms and Carnival volunteers, were honored for theirservice to the school.   Director of Community Relations Michelle Pricer expressed the school’s appreciation for the volunteers and presented each person with a special gift.  In presenting the gift, Michelle wove the history of the pineapple—its value, its symbolism of hospitality and warmth, and good cheer—into the life of the volunteers at Dunham.  “You represent the life and heartbeat of our school, the very best of our school—you are our Pineapples.  I saw on social media recently, a post that said ‘Be a Pineapple…Stand Tall, Wear a Crown, and be sweet on the inside.’  Thank you all for being a pineapple!”  Also on hand to welcome the crowd and to say thank you were Head of School Steve Eagleton, Director of Admission Linda Spear, Director of Advancement Kinch Cato, Lower School Head and Dean of Faculty Deedra LaPlace, Middle School Head MaryTheriot, Director of the McKay Academic Center Barbara Germany, as well as Athletic Diretor Neil Weiner and Fine Arts Department Chair Lisa Murray.


Author: Michelle Pricer, Director of Community Relations