Historic Flood

08/23/2016 8:00 AM

Please lift up in prayer the following families affected by the recent flood.

Dunham Families
Daniel Bullock (9)
Devin Taylor (9)
Cobin (9) and Kendal (11) Leindecker
Haley (7) and Harrison (3) Malik
Greg Walker (10)
Reecie (K) and Alan (6) Crooks
Zaius Howard (9)
Laine Sullivan (7)
Angel Caine (8)
Gage Laurence (10)
EJ Hitchens (12)
Adrianne Maggio (4)
Taylor (9) and Gabby (12) Hurst
Evan Cupit (10)
Mike Williams (11)
Ryan Leach (K)
Grace (6) and Jordyn (4) Robvais
Maddie Roshto (10)
Malachi Benton (2)
Rebekah (5) and Anna (4) High
Aiden Williams (PK4)
Adam (2) and Claire (2) Nesheiwat
Davis (9) and Carson (6) Covington
John Collier (8), Brooks (6), and Graham (4) Thornton
Kate (K) and Bailey Adams (2)
Grant Lusco (6)
Joshua McIlwain (3)
Kalante Wilson (7)
Alexandru (11) and Andra (9) Negulescu
Kennon Kepper (11)
Seth Belcher (10)
Victoria Saffell (9)
Renden Street (6)
Cooper (1) and Jax (5) Boswell
Jenna Robey (2)
Jarrett Fontenot (9)

Dunham Employees
Barbara Bullock
Alicia Gibson
Jessica Farestvedt
Angelle High
Randy Leindecker
Renee Sumerall
Austin Trosclair 
Jennifer Williams
Prudence Kemp
Jimmy Douglas
Coach Sean Wallace
Monique Ferguson
Deana Shropshire

Dunham Alumni
Amanda Migues Pace '08
Ashley Baxter D'Aubin '10 and Joel D'Aubin '10
Brandon Droy '10
Matthew Dearman '03
Dody Lizana Major '91 
Kristi Brunet Shuckrow '87
Ray Debetaz '86
Lynn Tubre Johnson '93 and Justin Johnson '95
Brad Perrault '94
Cullen Saucier '95
Morgan Martinez Stevens '99
Dylon Maggio '14
Ashton Maggio '15

Sage Employee
Daryl Jumper
Lonnedria Coleman
Clifford Vaughn
Angela Gurley
LaQuintin Bell

Extended Families
Wes and Julie Theriot, son and daughter-in-law of Mary Theriot
Aaron and family, brother of Lauren Hawkins
Carla's Cleaning
Nephew of Karen Winfrey
Grandmother and Mother of Fallon Lambert
Olivia Whatley Huffstetler
Parents of Joany Foil
Jessica Hughes
Stella and Morris Bossom, grandparents of Brennan Heard
John Heard, uncle of Brennan Heard
Parents of Mike Cassidy
Parents of Dana Cassidy
Grandmother of Gabrielle Zia
Sharon and Rick Volland, Aunt of Gabrielle Zia
Grandmother of Chad Falgoust
Sister and mother-in-law of Prudence Kemp
Sister of Marguerite Scardina 
Uncle of Sandra Serio
Locke and Jill Meredith
Mother-in-law of Kris Harrell
Nephew of Karen Haynes
In-laws of Karen Haynes
Parents and brother of Lisa Jarreau
Nola Hains, mother-in-law of Lynn Hains
Johnny Naylor, parent of Dunham Alums
Ann Clayton, great aunt of Lisa Stilley
Joe and Marion Carpenter, uncle and aunt of Lisa Stilley
Andrew, Kara, James, and John Faller, cousins of Lisa Stilley

Parents of Tommy Parsons
Sister of Tommy Parsons
Brother of Betty Pecue
Brother and sister-in-law of Kim Blake
Sister-in-law of Carol Hill
Lamar Blackrice Williams
In-laws of Mary Theriot
Parents of JP Harris
Parents of Claire Hebert
Mother-in-law of Sheila Crotwell
Cousin of Sheila Crotwell

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