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Generous Gift Supports Rollins Family Dining Hall

02/16/2017 8:00 AM



The Dunham School is pleased to announce that Mike Rollins has made a leadership level gift to the Pillars of Purpose Capital Campaign in support of renovations made to the dining hall, now named the Rollins Family Dining Hall in honor of his generosity.  


The goal of the Pillars of Purpose Campaign, chaired by Brad and Amy Dutruch, is to raise $15 million to complete the funding for $31.7 million in campus improvements. 


The importance of giving back is a lesson Mike learned early from his father and one that he shares with his own daughters, Sophie ’21 and Lilly ’24. “My dad always told me that the greatest gift anyone can give another is an education, but I think it’s little more than that,” says Rollins. “I think not only is it an education, but it’s the entire school experience—inside and outside of the classroom. I’m glad to be able to give back to Dunham, which has meant so much to my daughters and the outstanding young women they are becoming.”


Rollins, who plans to continue supporting the Pillars of Purpose Capital Campaign and other fundraising efforts at Dunham, hopes that his gift will inspire other families. “I am hopeful others will join me and open their wallets to give a little more back to the school beyond tuition,” he says.  “Dunham plays a big role in influencing our kids and molding their personalities as they grow. By supporting the Pillars Campaign, we create a better environment for all students and provide plenty of additional options for extracurricular activities outside of class. All of which will help make students more well-rounded before heading off to college.”


If you would like more information about the Pillars of Purpose Capital Campaign, please contact Director of Advancement Kinch Cato at  (225) 315-1788 or kinch.cato@dunhamschool.org.